Latest ECL Schedule
Baltic and European
Last Updated: 03-11-16
Baltic and European Shipping are pleased to announce the following schedule for the South Caribbean Service
Westbound Eastbound
Vessel Voy Antwerp Ipswich Gijon St John's / Antigua Bridgetown Georgetown Paramaribo Point Lisas Matanzas/ Palua Georgetown Paramaribo Rotterdam
BEAU-TRITON ECL 1224 19/Sep 21/Sep - 7/Oct 9/Oct 11/Oct   13/Oct 21/Oct 28/Oct 1/Nov* 16/Nov
BEAU-TRADER ECL 1227 13/Oct 17/Oct -     4/Nov   6/Nov 10/Nov 19/Nov 21/Nov 6/Dec
BEAU-TRITON ECL 1230 19/Nov 21/Nov 25/Nov     8/Dec 10/Dec 13/Dec 17/Dec 26/Dec 28/Dec 12/Jan
BEAU-TRADER ECL 1232 19/Dec 21/Dec 25/Dec     7/Jan 9/Jan 12/Jan 16/Jan 25/Jan 27/Jan 11/Feb
BEAU-TRITON ECL 1235 15/Jan 17/Jan 21/Jan     3/Feb 5/Feb 8/Feb 12/Feb 21/Feb 23/Feb 9/Mar
BEAU-TRADER ECL 1238 14/Feb 16/Feb 20/Feb     4/Mar 6/Mar 9/Mar 13/Mar 22/Mar 24/Mar 8/Apr
For local agencies and port details please check the website:
Vessel Voy Dover Sailing Vissingen Arrival Sailing Paramaribo Arrival Sailing Georgetown Arrival Sailing
ESMERALDA ECL 1228 25/Oct 26/Oct 27/Oct 6/Nov 7/Nov 8/Nov 8/Nov
ELSEBETH ECL 1229 8/Nov 9/Nov 10/Nov 20/Nov 21/Nov 22/Nov 22/Nov
EMERALD ECL 1231 22/Nov 23/Nov 24/Nov 4/Dec 5/Dec 6/Dec 6/Dec
ESMERALDA ECL 1233 6/Dec 7/Dec 8/Dec 18/Dec 19/Dec 20/Dec 20/Dec
EMERALD ECL 1234 3/Jan 4/Jan 5/Jan 15/Jan 16/Jan 17/Jan 17/Jan
ESMERALDA ECL 1236 17/Jan 18/Jan 19/Jan 29/Jan 30/Jan 31/Jan 31/Jan
ELSEBETH ECL 1237 31/Jan 1/Feb 2/Feb 12/Feb 13/Feb 14/Feb 14/Feb
Cool and Reefer space available
(Conventional as well as containers)
Delivery address Vlissingen
Supermaritime B.V
Oostrenrijkweg 15
(4455 RZ Nieuwdorp)
Vlissingen-Oost (Port #6720)
Delivery address London
Baltic and Eurpoean Shipping C/O Lightwood Plc
Unit 2, Merlin Way
North Weald Airfield, North Weald
Essex CM16 6AA
All schedules are subject to change. All dates are weather permitting and without guarantee.
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Tel : +44 1279 818855